What vegetables to eat to treatment atherosclerosis?

Diatary to eat more vegetables to help . Here are some vegetables for the treatment of atherosclerosis is very useful.

1, Pumpkin contains a variety of biological active ingredients, including carotene, cobalt content of melons are the highest chromium content of, more than 50 times the general food.

2, Carrots are rich in β-carotene, quercetin, kaempferol, edible fiber, etc., with lipid-lowering, antioxidant, preventing lipid peroxidation.

3, Onions contain can stimulate blood soluble fiber the activity of ingredients, is the only plant that contains prostaglandins. Therefore, the onion can dilate blood vessels, lowering blood lipids, promote excretion of sodium salt, which have lower blood pressure, relief the role of coronary heart disease.

4, Ginger is rich in oils resins and bile acid, prevent cholesterol absorption, while promoting the excretion of cholesterol, decreased cholesterol in the blood , the prevention of atherosclerosis, the role of good, while the ginger pungent and aroma volatile oil, to prevent blood clotting and increase the have good blood circulation effect.

5, Celery is rich in dietary fiber, but also contains volatile oil, mannitol, etc., have a good effect on lowering blood pressure. Pounded celery juice, add honey, can prevent high blood pressure; celery and with root and glutinous cook rice gruel, the treatment of coronary heart disease.

6, Tomatoes containing lycopene, to protect LDL from oxidative damage and reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction, and hyperlipidemia.


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Article: What vegetables to eat to treatment atherosclerosis?

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