What to eat sour foods suitable for pregnant women

What to eat sour foods suitable for pregnant women do? Here I will remove doubts, ladies and pregnant mothers can see.


Bayberry is also very suitable for pregnant women to eat sour food, bayberry fruit of other trace elements contained in more than a dozen times, pregnant women eat can provide a wealth of trace elements to the fetus.


Tomatoes are very nutritious, rich in vitamin C, protein and other nutrients, are good for pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women eat can effectively prevent colds and so on.


Grapes fruit queen reputation, rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and various organic acids, pregnant women eat on fetal development are of great help.

Green Apple

Although green apples are sour food, but rich in various nutrients, pregnant women eat can increase appetite, but also conducive to development of the fetus, so pregnant women green apple is not to be missed!

Pregnant women eat sour food Precautions

1, pregnant women eat sour food is best not to eat pickled sour food, pickled sour food detrimental to the fetus development.

2, pregnant women choose sour food when you can not eat hawthorn, hawthorn easily cause contractions.
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Article: What to eat sour foods suitable for pregnant women

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