What people do not suitable to eat peanuts?

1, diabetic patients: diabetes need to control the daily intake of total energy, so use the cooking oil a day, no more than three tablespoons (30g). However, 18 peanuts, is equivalent to a spoonful of oil (10g), can produce 90 kilocalories.

2, patients with gout: Gout is a disorder of purine metabolism caused by the disease, patients had hyperuricemia. Since high-fat diet will reduce the uric acid excretion, increased disease, acute attack of gout should be fasting peanuts.

3, Gallbladder resected people: The bile for fat digestion and absorption are important. People eat, the cholecystokinin, the bile into the duodenum to facilitate digestion and absorption. High protein and high fat foods stimulate the strongest of the gallbladder, the bile a lot of emissions. Gallbladder resected people, the bile can not be saved, is bound to affect the digestion of peanut and other oil crops fat.

4, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis patients: many of these patients had chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea or indigestion and other symptoms, the diet should be less, multiple meals, light and less oil. Peanuts are nuts, protein and fat content is too high, difficult to digest and absorb, such patients should be fasting.

5, people want to lose weight: peanuts are high calorie and fat content, eat 100 grams of fried peanuts, eat into the 581 kcal of energy, so people who want to lose weight should stay away from peanuts.

6, patients with hyperlipoproteinemia: diet unreasonable, leading to an important reason for hyperlipoproteinemia, so the principles of diet therapy is to restrict calories, reducing saturated fatty acids and cholesterol intake. Peanuts are high in fat, high-calorie foods, eat only aggravate the disease, leading to coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, life-threatening.

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Article: What people do not suitable to eat peanuts?

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