What is the best sport for the elderly?

For and the elderly, the walk is the best way of movement.

1.It is conducive to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. First of all long-distance walking can increase heart rate and cardiac stroke volume and accelerate the blood circulation. Followed by full-body skeletal muscle contraction and have a rhythm to elongate, extrusion or vascular decompression of limbs and body to increase its activity, the expansion of the body including the cardiac microcirculation of the brain microcirculation and to reduce peripheral vascular resistance, can lower blood pressure, reduce heart the burden of cardiac and brain cells to increase the nutrition, can prevent angina pectoris and reduce the incidence of stroke. Third, speed up the fat, protein and sugar decomposition, lower blood lipids, lose weight, to control , high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

2. Can increase and is conducive to heart, brain, lung, kidney and other organ functions.

3. Which will help to ease the mental state of tension, the treatment of neurasthenia. Scientific research has proved that long-distance walking can promote brain endorphin secretion, lead to euphoria, calm the nervous system, is ease of mind, and promote appetite, nutrient absorption and sleep.

Walking time should be arranged in a day 10:30 and 15:30. Paragraph because at this time occurred in sunlight for photosynthesis of green plants have released more oxygen, this time walking can increase the body’s oxygen saturation, in a walk or take a deep breath should be natural breathing can improve more of oxygen inhalation in order to facilitate healthy.

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Article: What is the best sport for the elderly?

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