What foods to prevent fatty liver ? – Diet tips to Prevent fatty liver

1. Oats contain extremely rich in linoleic acid and saponin element, can reduce serum cholesterol acid and triglyceride.

2. Maize is rich in calcium, selenium, lecithin, vitamin E, with lower serum cholesterol.

3. Kelp is rich in taurine, can reduce blood cholesterol; dietary fiber, alginic acid, can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and promote its excretion.

4. Sulfide containing a mixture of garlic can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, contribute to increased levels of high density lipoprotein.

5. Apples are rich in potassium, can rid their bodies of excess potassium to maintain normal blood pressure.

6. Milk contains more calcium because that can inhibit cholesterol synthesis enzyme activity, can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the human body.

7. Onion not only bacteria, but also reduce the body’s blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis; can activate the active ingredient of fibrin, can effectively prevent the formation of thrombus; prostaglandin A on the human body also has good blood pressure.

8.Sweet Potato can result in excessive consumption of meat and eggs produced by too much acid, keep the body acid-base balance. Can absorb more moisture in the gastrointestinal, lubricating the digestive tract, from the catharsis, and the gut too much fat, sugar, toxins from your body, play a lipid-lowering effect.

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Article: What foods to prevent fatty liver ? – Diet tips to Prevent fatty liver

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