What foods to enhance memory?

Useful to enhance memory of food:
Beneficial to extend the life of drinking grape juice, grape juice in the high content of antioxidants than any other fruits and vegetables, and can increase the transmission capacity of the nervous system. In addition to longevity, grape juice also increased in the short term memory.

Wild Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, you can clear the body of impurities. In mice, for the test results show that blueberries can speed up the long-term intake of hippocampal neurons in cell growth and differentiation, improve memory, prevent with age, the weakening of balance and coordination, but also to reduce high blood pressure and stroke occurrence probability.
Other foods increase memory

Some food for thought, in fact, is a common thing affordable. Such as egg yolk, soy, lean meat, milk, fish, animal offal (heart, brain, liver, kidney), and carrots, cereals and so on.

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Article: What foods to enhance memory?

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