What foods to eat to prevent Constipation?

1. Brown rice and soybeans: eat brown rice, corn, wheat contains a very rich body needs cellulose and high-quality plant protein, and vitamins; of which soy there are very rich oligosaccharides, is the most needed food for the bifidobacterium which is intestinal healthy guard. The amount of intestinal Bifidobacterium More than harmful bacteria, food debris will get an orderly decomposition, wrapped in cellulose, the residue stool will be discharged in vitro, so that our intestines is no longer has its own toxins against.

2. High-fiber foods: plantain shell (another name: the West lotus shell) of the edible fiber unit containing up to 86%; with the corresponding food into the stomach after eating, in the intestine combines with water, so the stool expansion, with aging stool attached to the walls of the large intestine are discharged.

3. Yoghurt: it can promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria reduce the residues of toxins against.

4. Seaweed: Seaweed contains slimy substances , will help the stool smooth flow; kelp, Undaria, Sargassum seaweed, etc. The most useful.

5. Apple: not only treat constipation, but also treatment of diarrhea; apple pectin is a highly soluble fiber, are good for intestines cleansing; not paring, is the best way to eat apples. Also bananas, kiwi and other fruits.

6. All the food-contain rich oligosaccharides: oligosaccharides is intestinal bacteria of Bifidobacterium most need of food. Such as: soybeans, honey, onions, and asparagus.

7. Sesame can be laxative, suitable for person who intestinal dry constipation to eat.

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Article: What foods to eat to prevent Constipation?

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