What foods to eat beneficial for treat alopecia areata

Everyday life, there is often a friend suffering from alopecia areata of this disease, its presence has brought a great deal of distress to patients, suffering from alopecia areata eat what foods is beneficial for ? There are a variety of reasons cause alopecia areata appears, may be stimulation of the chemicals, there may be folliculitis concurrent diseases such produce, may also be too large, leading to mental stress in patients with endocrine system disorders caused by alopecia areata. Aware of alopecia areata reasons, we can begin to start to develop some diet plan to help us as soon as possible to restore health treat alopecia areata.

Eat more foods rich in plant protein, such as soy, black sesame, corn, can help us to enhance the defense capability of skin diseases.

Eat more foods rich in vitamin E, such as celery, spinach, medlar dishes, they are able to slow the rate of aging of the skin cells, reduce the symptoms of alopecia areata hair loss.

Eat more vegetables rich in alkaline salts, such as black fungus, melon, white radish and other alkaline substances in and alopecia areata caused by acidic substances help blood detoxification.

Eat more the bone glial food rich in mucin, such as beef bone soup, pork soup, bone gum can relieve alopecia areata the hair root around loose caducous symptoms, and is conducive to the recovery of alopecia areata.
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Article: What foods to eat beneficial for treat alopecia areata

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