What foods are harmful to eye health

The eyes are the window to the soul of mankind, is very important to protect the eyes. Here are several harmful food.

Dessert contributing to myopia
After continuous research by a number of countries found in foods damage the eyes, the desserts are one of the most deadly food. Excessive eating dessert will encourage the development of myopia. This is because the sugar in the sweets in the metabolism of the human body needs a lot of vitamins B1, excess sugar will be a lot of lack of vitamin b1.
Therefore, in order to protect the eyes, in peacetime, it is best to eat some dessert foods, especially for people already suffering from myopia, this time should be prohibited to eat some desserts.

Garlic harmful to the eyes
Garlic has antibacterial efficacy of sterilization, but also have some preventive effect for many diseases, if eaten in moderation on the human body does have a very good role. However, if long-term excessive eating garlic, especially for people suffering from eye diseases, and often fever, there will be adverse effects.

Spicy eye injury
If excessive eating some spicy food, around the eyes will feel and burning sensation, and eye blood vessels will also cause blurred vision due to congestion and. Long spicy stimulation will advance conjunctivitis, senile diseases of the fundus arteriosclerosis, dry eye and vision loss, so northerners if long-term spicy food damage to the eyes.


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Article: What foods are harmful to eye health

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