What are the symptoms of prostatitis men exhibit

What are the men exhibit? If male friends in life is plagued by prostatitis symptoms, then the harm is enormous, so many patients with headaches. To this end, we need to understand the symptoms, early detection and treatment of prostatitis.

For men showed any symptoms of prostatitis, male experts made ​​the following description:

1. Prostatitis can cause neurasthenia, insomnia, dreams, fatigue, memory loss and so on. Long-lasting prostatitis and even can cause the body’s allergic, there conjunctivitis, arthritis and other diseases.

2. Prostatitis changes in sexual function: have premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, loss of libido or impotence. The prostate is a male sex gland biggest vice, infertility in men, prostatitis is the main reason.

3. Prostatitis urination areas: urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, nocturia more, dysuria, urinary fine, urine bifurcation, urethra drops and white.

4. Prostatitis pain: As the stimulation of inflammation and proliferation of oppression, perineum, anus, scrotum and other parts and tenderness and bilge feeling, and often may radiate to the lower abdomen, lumbosacral region, so that the patient in pain, restless.

Read more For men showed any symptoms of prostatitis introduction, you understand yet? Found prostatitis symptoms, patients need timely and effective treatment, to avoid harm.

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Article: What are the symptoms of prostatitis men exhibit

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