Watermelon sunscreen moisturizing and skin whitening

Watermelon contains yellow, green, and red elemental composition quite complete, is the perfect nutrition. Leftover watermelon rind cut into thin slices, affixed to the facial with spots, they may speckle; finally use watermelon rind gently massage the face skin and then there is soothing moisturizing effect. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, the effect is also different.

1, Watermelon rind sunburn relief
Chilled watermelon rind, to treat sunburn of the skin. Method is very simple, as long as use watermelon rind rub facial skin, after a few minutes, then rinse, long-term adherence, can make facial skin whitening and delicate.

2, Watermelon rind tender skin method
Often use watermelon rind to rub hands, foot, shiny skin and make more visible whitening effect.

3, Watermelon rind moisturizing method
Iced watermelon rind into the refrigerator for 20 minutes; washing the face; watermelon rind, white flesh with some gently massage the face skin for about 10 minutes, there will be a good moisturizing effect.

4, Watermelon juice to skin whitening
Watermelon flesh with a spoon or fork in a bowl of mashed, pressed into a watermelon paste. Watermelon paste put on the face, and watermelon paste covered with cotton or gauze to prevent slipping. Apply after 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cold water to a clean face, dark skin will gradually become white.


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Article: Watermelon sunscreen moisturizing and skin whitening

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