The nutritional value of mushrooms

1, Improve immunity: the active ingredient in mushrooms can enhance the T lymphocyte function, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity against various diseases;

2, Analgesic, sedative: a study in Brazil to extract from the mushroom to a substance with analgesic, sedative effect, analgesic effect is said to substitute for morphine;

3, Cough and phlegm: mushroom extract animal experiments, found a significant cough, sputum thinning effect;

4, Purge toxins: mushroom contains the human body is difficult to digest crude fiber, semi-crude fiber and lignin, can maintain water balance in the intestines, but also absorb the remainder of the cholesterol, sugar, be eliminated from the body, preventing constipation, irritable cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so is very beneficial;

5, Mushrooms contain tyrosinase, had a marked effect on reducing blood pressure.

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Article: The nutritional value of mushrooms

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