The nutritional value of Bitter melon(Bitter gourd)

Bitter melon

Bitter melon, also known as scabies melon, with a special bitter, but still adored by the masses. This is not simply because of its unique taste, but also because it has a general role of vegetables incomparable magic.

Bitter melon contains chromium and insulin-like material, with a clear hypoglycemic effect. It can promote the decomposition of sugar, have the effect of excess sugar into the role of calories can improve the body’s fat balance, which is an ideal diet food diabetic patients.

Bitter gourd contains a unique vitamin B17 and physiological activity of proteins, often eating can improve immune function, can prevent cancer.

Bitter gourd also has a unique bitter ingredients – cinchona, can inhibit the over-excitement of the central body temperature, played Relieves summer heat and antipyretic effect.

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Article: The nutritional value of Bitter melon(Bitter gourd)

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