The nutritional value and efficacy of white fungus (Tremella Fuciformis)

Hectogram white fungus with 5.0 grams of protein, fat 0.6 g, carbohydrates 79 g, 341 kcal calories, calcium 380 mg, 250 mg phosphorus, iron, 30.4 mg. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements and white fungus polysaccharides and other ingredients.

The role of White Fungus:

1. Tremella fuciformis can enhance liver detoxification capacity, and the hepatoprotective effect; white fungus on the elderly patients with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease have a certain effect.

2. Tremella contains dietary fiber can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce fat absorption, so as to achieve weight loss results.

3. Tremella can enhance the tumor patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy tolerance.

4. white fungus rich in vitamin D, can prevent the loss of calcium on the growth and development is very useful; are rich in selenium and other trace elements, which can enhance the body’s anti-tumor immunity.

5. white fungus rich natural plant gum, long-term use can be moisturizers, and get rid of facial melasma and freckles effect.

6. Tremella of the active ingredients, acidic polysaccharides, can enhance the body’s immune system to mobilize lymphocytes, enhance the phagocytic activity of white blood cells, bone marrow function excitement; Tremella polysaccharides with anti-tumor effect.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of white fungus (Tremella Fuciformis)

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