The nutritional value and efficacy of kidney beans

Kidney beans rich in nutrition, have a high content of protein, calcium, iron, B group vitamins. Often eat kidney beans, can accelerate skin metabolism, relieve skin dry, dry hair. Kidney beans in saponin substances can promote fat metabolism, which is one of the ideal food for dieters.

Kidney beans contain saponins, uremic enzymes and more globulin unique ingredients that improve the body’s own immune system, enhance disease resistance, and activation of lymphoid T cells to promote the synthesis of DNA function, inhibition of tumor cell development, and thus subject to the attention of the medical profession, contained urease used in hepatic coma patients with good results.

Kidney beans is a rare high potassium, high magnesium, low sodium food. Hectogram potassium 1520 mg, 193.5 mg of magnesium, only 0.8 mg of sodium, this feature come in handy on nutrition therapy. Kidney beans, especially for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood cholesterol, hypokalemia, and patients with bogey salt consumption.

Eat kidney beans on the skin, hair, a lot of good, you can improve the skin’s metabolism, promote body detoxification, the skin often remains young.Saponin substances in the kidney beans to reduce fat absorption function, promote fat metabolism; contain dietary fiber can also speed up the time of food through the gut, want to lose weight eat kidney beans will achieve their goals.

Kidney beans grain containing toxic protein, a high temperature in order to destroy , it must be fully cooked before eating. This substance can be sustained heat to damage,  by eating undercooked kidney beans can cause poisoning.


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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of kidney beans

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