The nutritional value and efficacy of brassica juncea

Brassica juncea contains vitamins A, B vitamins, C and vitamins D is very rich. Specific effects are revive and refresh, Brassica juncea contains a lot of ascorbic acid, is a strong active of restore substances. Important in the redox process of the body, can increase the oxygen content in the brain to stimulate the brain of oxygen use, there are revive and refresh, the lifting of fatigue.

Second, there is the role of detoxification and swelling that can fight infection and prevention of diseases, inhibit the toxicity of bacterial toxins, and promote wound healing, can be used to aid in treatment of infectious diseases. There are appetizers role of digestion, because there is a special kind of pickled Brassica juncea flavor and aroma, can promote stomach and intestinal digestion, increase appetite, can be used to appetite and help digestion.

Finally, brassica juncea can bright eye, wide and intestinal catharsis. Because brassica juncea organizations is relatively coarse, and a lot of food containing carotene cellulose, so it bright eye and wide intestinal laxative effect. Can be used as therapeutic ophthalmic patients to share, but also prevent constipation, especially appropriate for the elderly and consumption of habitual constipation.


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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of brassica juncea

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