The nutritional value and effectiveness of apricot (Apricot Almonds)

Apricot flesh can be eaten raw, immature fruit can also be processed into dried apricot, dried apricots and so on. Almond can be divided into bitter almonds and sweet almonds, sweet almond can be used as casual snacks, also can be used as cold dishes; bitter almond is generally used as medicine, and a small drug. Apricot fruit and almonds are rich in nutrients. Although the delicious of apricot but not eat more. Because the metabolites of amygdalin cells will lead to suffocation, severe inhibit central nervous system and lead to respiratory paralysis and even death.

1. Unripe fruit contains more flavonoids, flavonoids can prevent heart disease and reduce the role of myocardial infarction;

2. Apricots Vitamin B17 is the most abundant fruit, and vitamin B17 is a very effective anti-cancer substances, and kill cancer cells only, normal healthy cells without any toxic;

3. Bitter almond can treat cough, asthma, laxative, to treat lung disease, cough and other diseases;

4. Almonds are also rich in vitamin C and polyphenolic composition, this ingredient can not only reduce cholesterol levels in the body, but also significantly reduce the incidence of heart disease and risk of many chronic diseases.


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Article: The nutritional value and effectiveness of apricot (Apricot Almonds)

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