The main benefits of the baby eating fish

To give your , baby’s growth, mental development is helpful, in time to the to choose the right fish.

1, So that the bright eyes
Fish contains taurine, inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol, the getting better the vision. DHA can enhance the photoreceptor cells in the retinal response to light, and maintain the visual acuity in the cerebral cortex stimulation, with the function of maintaining the vision.

2, To help brain development
DHA is a polyunsaturated fatty acids, brain cells can spread the message smoothly, improve brain cell vitality, enhance memory, reaction and learning ability; and can prevent and improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

3, Alleviate the symptoms of allergic and inflammatory
EPA and DHA have the effect of inhibition of allergic reactions. Such as atopic dermatitis, reduce allergy symptoms; can also reduce the inflammation of ulcerative colitis.

Suitable for the baby to eat fish

Such as tilapia, silver fish, cod, mackerel, croaker, flounder, etc.. These fish, fish bone, almost no small thorn.
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Article: The main benefits of the baby eating fish

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