The cirrhosis best treatment ways

Cirrhosis of the liver is a common clinical chronic progressive liver disease, by one or more of the cause of long-term or repeated role in the formation of diffuse liver injury. In the majority of our liver cirrhosis, a small part of alcoholic cirrhosis and schistosomiasis cirrhosis. The histopathological on extensive liver cell necrosis the residual hepatocyte nodular regenerative hyperplasia of connective tissue and fibrous septa formation cause the hepatic lobule structural damage and pseudolobule of formed, gradual deformation of the liver, harden and the development of cirrhosis.

1, Supportive treatment: intravenous infusion of hypertonic glucose solution in order to supplement the heat, adding vitamin C infusion, insulin, and potassium chloride. Note that maintain water, electrolyte and acid-base balance. Serious illness can be entered albumin, fresh plasma.

2, Active hepatitis patients may be given to the treatment of liver, reducing enzyme, jaundice. If necessary, intravenous infusion therapy, such as pHGF 80 to 120 mg / day, reduced glutathione 1.2g / day, licorice acid preparations.

3, Oral drugs to reduce portal pressure.

4, Add B vitamins and digestive enzymes.

5, Hypersplenism treatment: it can take up white blood cell and platelet drugs. Necessary, feasible, splenectomy or splenic artery embolization.

6, Selenium: Selenium is a natural enemy of the liver disease.


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Article: The cirrhosis best treatment ways

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