The benefits of garlic, and should always eat

Following are :
1, Garlic can mediate immune function. Garlic in the fat-soluble substance, can promote immune cells the vitality and increase the number of phagocytic cells in vivo. It is reported that garlic can stimulate T-lymphocyte and macrophage activity, and thus produce more cytokines to kill harmful microorganisms.

2, Garlic can promote metabolism. Garlic compounds can increase the absorption and utilization of nutrients, the body’s physiological function in normal operation, the supply of energy to get better protection.

3, Mediation of human blood lipids metabolic disorders. Garlic extract can lower plasma total cholesterol, triglycerides and free cholesterol, reduce very low density lipoprotein and the ratio of total cholesterol, increase high-density lipoprotein and total cholesterol ratio, can reduce the liver total cholesterol, such as daily eat two raw garlic on the mediation of human blood lipids is extremely useful.

4, Allicin has a protective effect on blood vessels. Atherosclerotic human arteries, especially the aorta, coronary and renal artery damage is a major threat to human quality of life factors will lead to “myocardial infarction”, cerebral vascular accident and renal function decline. Lead to atherosclerosis and an important factor in lipid metabolism abnormalities. The allicin and other active ingredients can not only reduce too much “bad” cholesterol, better reduction blood viscosity of the level, so as to reduce or delay the occurrence of atherosclerosis and development.

5, Garlic has anti-thrombosis. Garlic not only indirectly inhibit abnormal platelet aggregation, as well as thrombolytic effect, to a certain extent, can prevent and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. According to reports, garlic antithrombotic features, and some experts believe that the role of non-inferior to aspirin.

Have glaucoma cataract, conjunctivitis, hordeolum, dry eye and other eye diseases normally have to eat less garlic .

Many people use garlic to prevent hepatitis, some even eat garlic every day even after hepatitis. This practice is extremely detrimental to the hepatitis patients, because no effect of garlic on the hepatitis virus, on the contrary, some components of garlic on the stomach, intestines have a stimulating effect, can inhibit the secretion of intestinal digestion, thereby increasing the patient’s nausea and many other hepatitis symptoms.


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Article: The benefits of garlic, and should always eat

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