Sun Screen Vitamin C Licorice Extract Kojic Acid Vitamin E to skin whitening

Lots of people use skin whitening strategies to remove acne frightening or sun spots. Most of the chemicals available on the market for skin whitening are harmful, so here’s a listing of natural herbal treatments and residential remedies that lighten your skin without harsh chemicals.

Vitamin C to skin whitening
Vitamin C is a natural skin lightener. Many health food stores sell vitamin C serums and moisturizes that will help lighten the skin. Vitamin C can irritate the skin, so it is not recommended to apply vitamin C directly to the skin; it should be an ingredient in a skin moisturizer.

Vitamin E to skin whitening
Vitamin E is safe to apply directly to the skin. It helps heal scar tissues and lighten the skin after only a few days of use. Unlike licorice, kojic acid or vitamin C, vitamin E will not fade pigmented sun spots.

Sun Screen to skin whitening
Commit to wearing sun screen every day. If you are not willing to protect you skin from the sun, all the time you spend trying to whiten your skin will be wasted.

to skin whitening
An extract from the kojic berry, this is a powerfully antioxidant (much like vitamin C) that not only will help lighten the skin but also protect the skin from free radicals. Kojic acid is recommended to be mixed with a serum or moisturizer because direct contact to the skin can cause irritation.

Licorice Extract to skin whitening
licorice extract has been used as natural lighting agent in Asia for years. Licorice is probably not only the safest, but the most effective agent for lightening the skin. Licorice extract can be found at any health food store and is safe to apply directly to the skin. Many cosmetic companies also use licorice extract in their lightening products as an alternative to harsher chemicals like hydroquinone.


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Article: Sun Screen Vitamin C Licorice Extract Kojic Acid Vitamin E to skin whitening

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