Seven movement effectively prevent sagging breasts

If chest exercise properly, well-developed, solid connective tissue, we can help breast shaping, thus changing the shape and size of the breast and . The following seven movement, can effectively .

Chest exercise: stretching and chest movement, can exercise the chest muscles, but also to prevent sagging breasts.

Hands Zhang arm: head forward, the body straight, and then make a fist with both hands, arms placed on the chest, legs apart and arms balance, arms around each commenced muscles simultaneously force.

Stroked back: with one hand as far back as stroked back for about 10 seconds, turn around and repeat 5-10 minutes.

Chest movement: the effective promotion skin firmness, exercise, be sure to maintain flexibility pectoral muscle, physique even more exquisite.

Chest palms: hands together in prayer to the chest, concentrate on the palm of your hand, and then push it forcibly, 5-8 times a day to do.

Cross-hand: left hand right arm, and then by pushing straight out, relax a few seconds and repeat 5-6 minutes.

Respiratory movements: the legs bend and sit close to the ground, and then pressing the leg with both hands inside the knee inhale, exhale knee will pull out 5-10 seconds.


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Article: Seven movement effectively prevent sagging breasts

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