Pregnant women eat walnuts What need pay attention to ?

Walnuts are rich in nutrients, according to the determination, 500 grams is equivalent to 2500 grams of walnut eggs, or 4750 grams of milk nutritional value, especially beneficial for brain cell calcium, iron, and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other ingredient content are relatively high. However, pregnant women eat walnuts time has learned.

When pregnant women eat walnuts preferably?

What time of day is best to eat? Generally, it is best between the breakfast to lunch, or between lunch and dinner, you can choose to make some snacks in between meals directly to eat, eat three to five that available.

Peeled walnuts can be eaten raw, or you can crush with brown sugar, mixing steamed buns to eat, you can also eat porridge or baking made ​​of walnut, if pregnant women eat a few walnuts every day, on their own body maintenance and development of the fetus has a great advantage.

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Article: Pregnant women eat walnuts What need pay attention to ?

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