Nutritionist recommends: seven kinds of food must eat

More than 10 nutritionists in the United States Network United M.D. website to make recommendations on the following seven kinds of food, so that we can eat more and more younger and healthy.

Dairy products. To the best low-fat yogurt, which is rich in calcium, multi-vitamins, protein and potassium elements. In addition, the probiotics in yogurt helps to keep the body more balanced flora. If you do not like yogurt, skim milk and cheese is also a good choice. Human milk contains almost all the necessary nutrients, the ratio of various nutrients is also a balanced match.

Eggs. Studies have shown that eating an egg every morning, not only does not increase cholesterol, but also people within the whole day at intake less calories, lose weight unintentionally. Provide a high quality egg protein, also contains 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins help to improve memory.

Nuts. High-fiber, high protein, good heart and anti-aging, these are the advantages of food nuts. However, because of high fat, moderate consumption is the key. Experts believe that both the almond, peanut, or walnut, hazelnut, no more than a half tael daily.

Actinidia. Referred to as “the highest fruit” kiwifruit contain high density of nutrients. A kiwi a day you will be able to guarantee the required vitamin C, In addition it provides a wealth of vitamin A, as well as plant fiber and potassium. Kiwi is also very convenient to eat together, and cut in half, using the same spoon like ice cream scoop, you can enjoy it.

Beans. Eat more beans good for the heart, it contains non-soluble fiber can lower cholesterol effectively, while others may be soluble fiber can help rule out the trash in vivo. In addition, food legumes also contain protein, carbohydrate, magnesium and potassium. Experts recommend that at least weekly consumption of pulses to more than 3 times.

Broccoli. This delicious vegetable is also common, containing vitamins A, C, as well as beneficial to bone growth of vitamin K. Even under normal circumstances exist only in carrots, oranges, yellow plants, such as – carotene, broccoli is also in the substantial existence.

Dried friut. Dried pine apple etc.o a lot of dried fruit in the production process is the least squares only water, fruits and other vitamin contained useful elements have been retained substantial possidetis. In addition to vitamin-rich, the dried friut also contains a lot do in the iron, potassium and other minerals, and dried friut contain sugar than ordinary low-sugar fruits, it is not easy to get fat, is a good snack.


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Article: Nutritionist recommends: seven kinds of food must eat

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