Irregular menstruation (Menstrual disorders) dietary taboos

What is irregular menstruation diet taboos?

1, Do not eat salty food! Women before menstruation remember not eat salty food. Because salty food makes the body’s salinity and moisture content increased storage. Before the menstrual cramps, progesterone increased, prone to edema, headache and so on. 10 days before menstruation began eating low-salt foods, will not the symptoms.

2, Do not drink carbonated beverages! Many like to drink carbonated beverages women, the menstrual period there will be fatigue, weakness and lassitude phenomenon, which is the performance of iron deficiency. Because most soft drinks and other beverages containing phosphate, a chemical reaction with of iron in vivo, so difficult to absorb of the iron. In addition, many soft drinks because of soft drinks in the sodium bicarbonate and gastric juice neutralization, and to reduce gastric acid digestion and sterilization, and affect appetite.

3, Do not eat spicy food! Pre-menstrual cramps do not eat spicy food and peppers and the like, even less fat meat, animal fats and dessert. Spicy cold foods are irritating, easily lead to pelvic blood vessels caused by too little blood volume or sudden stop. In addition, tobacco and alcohol irritating substances will have some impact on menstruation, if not avoided the negative stimulus, the long run, dysmenorrhea, or menstrual disorders will occur.


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Article: Irregular menstruation (Menstrual disorders) dietary taboos

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