How to treat Beriberi? Vitamin B1 help you!

Beriberi is due to a lack of vitamin B1 deficiency caused by nutritional disorders. Vitamin B1 also called thiamine, in the human body can form a variety of coenzyme to the oxidation of glucose for energy and amino acid metabolism in some branches are closely related. A lack of vitamin B1, due to impaired enzyme activity, glucose, pyruvate and lactate to the transition phase, it was “stuck” out. Not been fully utilized due to glucose, the body needs activity of various organs drastically reduced energy supply, energy-hungry as they bear the brunt of the nervous system, so soon limb weakness, muscle pain, calf muscle atrophy and hands appear like acupuncture feeling and a series of symptoms. The heart of the energy supply is not enough, there may be cardiac weakness, coupled with large amounts of blood pyruvate and lactate, can contribute to vasodilation, a lot of blood to the heart, thereby greatly increasing the burden on the heart, so there may be shortness of breath in children , edema, cardiac enlargement and other symptoms of heart failure and even death. In addition to the nervous system and heart disease, the muscle weakness as the gastrointestinal tract, so the children will appear abdominal distention, constipation, loss of appetite, indigestion symptoms, a long time can produce growth retardation.

Vitamin B1 is an easily dissolved in water, vitamins, eating more will soon be excreted from the urine, so the limited storage capacity in vivo (adult body there are 25 to 30 mg). If the food in a lack of vitamin B1, there will be a week after the above symptoms. Vitamin B1 usually mainly in the surface grains and animal offal, lean meat and beans, fruits and vegetables, almost no vitamin Bl. Normal vitamin B1, the daily requirements are: 0.4 mg for infants under 1 year old, 1 to 2 years old O. 7 mg, 3 to 10 years old O • 8 ~ 1 mg, adults 1-1.5 mg. Heavy manual workers due to higher energy consumption, it is 2 mg a day. A lack of vitamin B1 on the suspected patients. Be the first to take 5 mg (children, 2.5 mg) of vitamin B1, and then collect the urine, normal urine within 4 hours discharged by the more than 200 micrograms of vitamin B1, if less than 100 micrograms originally prompted a lack of vitamin B1.

Usually eat the whole grains rich in vitamin B1, animal liver and lean meat. As the tea will contain a heat-resistant material decomposition of vitamin Bl, so drinking too much tea or chewing can also cause vitamin B1 deficiency.

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Article: How to treat Beriberi? Vitamin B1 help you!

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