How to skin care in spring and summer

Spring and summer skin’s metabolism to speed up gradually, more and more strong secretion of sebum and sweat. Skin resistance in spring and summer is the worst, are susceptible to the invasion of external harmful factors. How to skin care in spring and summer?

1, Wash your face carefully, thorough cleansing
Spring and summer temperatures rise, the sebum secretion will become more active, small pimples like acne will become more active, often quietly appeared. In order to keep smooth facial skin, you’d better wash your face carefully. The most important thing is to choose your own facial cleanser. The best natural ingredients, texture and a mild cleanser. Moreover, before use, do not forget the finger massage cheeks, promote blood circulation, make the face more rosy, glossy.

2, Deep exfoliating, open the skin respiratory passages
With the spring and summer days the temperature rose, the replacement of skin cells, thick cuticle is no longer as important task to resist low temperature. Remove excess dead skin is an important hurdle in the spring and summer can not be ignored. Regularly exfoliating the skin smooth and shiny, to absorb nutrients faster and more thorough and effective wake-up the vitality of the skin

3, Pay attention to freckle and strengthen the whitening
Spring and summer days, the stain is most vulnerable to seizures and aggravate. Suddenly increased ultraviolet light to let the skin grow new stain, but also to dilute the stain resurgence;

4, Attention to sun protection
In particular, this time from 11:00 to 15:00, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation than you thought to be much higher. UV is very easy to encourage the formation of freckles, the deposition of melanin. Therefore, the sun protection is very important.

5, Do a good job moisturizing and maintain Hydra
Moisturizing do can prevent the appearance of fine lines. To do a good job moisturizing, is to make the skin maintain more moisture, so as to reduce fine lines caused by dryness.
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Article: How to skin care in spring and summer

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