How to skin care for pregnant women

Fear of skin care products have a negative impact at the pregnant mother and baby, we have advocated During Pregnancy do not need to . In fact, during pregnancy can spend a little effort to care of your skin, pay attention to small details of , choose some designed specifically for the care of pregnant women, allow themselves to be a confident beautiful pregnant mother. During pregnancy, the female hormone levels and rapid changes in metabolism, will produce a number of different skin problems, pregnant women during pregnancy, the most prone to skin dull, dry skin, unbalanced oil secretion skin problems . Now, let us take a look on some pregnant women’s and little knowledge of it.

1, Mild cleansing
During pregnancy, the skin’s self-regulation will also be affected, the skin always feels much worse than before the pregnancy, faces is always greasy oil. In fact, cleaning work during pregnancy is more important. You can choose on the market designed specifically for pregnant women cleaning products, the morning and evening face wash, gently to remove face dirt. If pregnancy mothers are oily skin, it is necessary to wash more in one day once or twice, this time can be cleaned with water.

 2, To retain the skin nutrients
The loss of skin nutrients during pregnancy very quickly, so be sure to select the pregnant women’s professional skin care products can be used, must be natural, and non-alcoholic, hormones, heavy metals, mineral oil and chemical essence. In order to prevent skin moisture loss is too large, in the the morning and evening after cleansing, smeared moisturizing products for pregnant women, allow the skin to restore water tender.

3, Sleep is a good way to skin care
 During pregnancy, because attention all aspects of care, can not stimulate the body, so you can choose the skin care approach is relatively limited, however, sleep, skin care has always been the most convenient and most effective way, so, in order to better skin condition, in addition to basic skin care, expectant mothers day schedule must be on time, do not stay up all night, every day at 11 pm go to bed.
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Article: How to skin care for pregnant women

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