How to prevent of prostate cancer

In daily life, how to prevent of prostate cancer?

1. A reasonable diet

According to medical studies have shown that prostate cancer with diet and frequency of use are closely related. High-fat diet is more recognized as a risk factor for drinking water in areas of high calcium, have a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Therefore, the daily diet should eat more vegetables and fruits, in order to reduce the incidence of constipation and reduce the risk of prostate hyperemia occurs.

Also note that when you do not drink a lot of water, drink plenty of water before going to sleep as little as possible in order to avoid holding back urine leaving the filling of the bladder pressure prostate.

2. Quit smoking

Many men have the habit of smoking, but the study revealed that tobacco is another important risk factor for of prostate cancer. So quit smoking for the prevention of of prostate cancer is also helpful.

3. To strengthen sex education

High incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in recent years has become, how much awareness is not high on the sex education of a relationship, especially gonorrhea, genital warts and other such diseases, is likely to cause prostate cancer.

Therefore, to establish healthy sexual morality, sexual restraint, and there is a stable sexual partner, so as to .

4. Develop good patterns of life

This is more important, bad habits, then it will lead to the occurrence of multiple diseases, they must be patterns of life, personal time, quantitative meal, so has a protective effect on the prostate.

Therefore, more water and more urination passing urine frequently wash secretions from the prostate urethra can help to prevent infection.

5. Kept clean

Male scrotum that stretches easily, secrete sweat more, coupled with poor ventilation perineum, prepuce, phimosis, etc., easy to filth, local bacteria often take advantage of prompt attention would happen if a serious infection. So usually do cleaning work is also very important


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Article: How to prevent of prostate cancer

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