Eat six kinds of effective anti-gastric cancer foods

Do you know what foods to eat can ? Since gastric cancer and “eat” associated with, the existence of food does help ? The answer is yes. Recently, nutritious foreign experts through research discovered that if you often eat the following foods that can prevent or reduce the incidence of gastric cancer.

Garlic is anti-cancer fitness “natural antibiotic ”


Since both garlic seasoning , but also disease prevention fitness, so as the ” natural antibiotic .” ” Times of India” and the author describes , according to U.S. scientists found that garlic is a great contribution to cancer prevention . The results published in the one of the ” Analytical Biochemistry ” magazine.

The study’s lead author , Ohio State University Cancer Center, El – Professor Harrison said: “We pass a urine test found that eating garlic in the experimental group , cancer cells in vivo is greatly reduced. And eat more garlic , the human body potentially carcinogenic substances less . ”

In fact, the anti- cancer effect of garlic has long been China expert attention. Peking University School of Oncology , Beijing Institute for Cancer Research has published a research report, garlic on gastric cancer have a good preventive effect. China Academy of Traditional Chinese health expert Professor Yang Li believes that usually eat more single head of garlic can be a good play to prevent cancer, especially gastrointestinal tumor.

However, the high temperature will destroy the garlic is the most important anti-cancer substances — alliin , therefore , the U.S. National Cancer Center researchers suggested , cut garlic do not rush to leave the pot , first crushed garlic for 15 minutes after cook , in order to maximize the anti-cancer effects of garlic .


Eat onions can reduce the nitrite content in the stomach , it is important oak onion skin pigment contains a substance as a natural anti-cancer substances. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat onions , gastric cancer incidence rates than people who eat or not eat onions less 25% , gastric cancer fatality rate is lower by 30%.


Such foods include mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom , etc., and fungus . Scientists have discovered that many foods contain anti-cancer substances Mushroom , can play anti-cancer effect. For example , mushrooms contained polysaccharides, anti-cancer rate is very high . Black fungus , white fungus polysaccharides contain also an effective anti-cancer substances. Mushroom foods rich in crude fiber and calcium have a role in cancer prevention , but also improve the immune system.


Lycopene and carotenoids, which are antioxidants, especially lycopene, can neutralize free radicals, for the anti- cancer, stomach cancer and digestive beneficial to the prevention of breast and prostate cancer are also effective.


Contains more trace elements molybdenum, can block the nitrite amine carcinogens , cancer can play a role in cancer prevention . Studies have reported that broccoli also contains a can stimulate cell activity enzyme called the Little sulfide, can prevent the formation of cancer cells . Eat broccoli to prevent esophageal cancer, gastric cancer have a certain effect.


Western coffee, oriental tea, are used to refreshing drinks . But at least in the prevention of cancer , the tea once again shows the advantages of the East . Tea is rich in catechin has strong anti-cancer activity of tea polyphenols is a strong antioxidant , a significant inhibition of cell mutations , can inhibit the carcinogenic agents induce cancer effect. Some epidemiological survey found that tea production areas of cancer incidence and mortality rates are lower than average. Many animal experiments also confirmed that tea has some anti-cancer effect. Studies have shown that drinking three or more times per week by the colorectal cancer incidence rate of less than 1 second by 5 percent since , suggesting that tea may help prevent colorectal cancer often . Interestingly, the coffee in most studies, but hints can increase the risk of colorectal cancer risk . It has been mixed with the tea in the feed , feed cancer in mice , cells inhibited after 2 weeks . In addition , the tea can block the synthesis of nitroso compounds , wherein tea blocking rate of 90 % or more. Green tea is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can be comparable with the screw edge , also has a secondary anti-cancer effects .

Stomach Cancer Stomach Cancer
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Article: Eat six kinds of effective anti-gastric cancer foods

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