Cerebral insufficiency What are the main symptoms?

What are the main symptoms of cerebral insufficiency?

Spiritual consciousness abnormalities: Always sleepy, groggy sleep all day and not due to fatigue, but a harbinger of signs of cerebral insufficiency. Some people also manifested as insomnia, some people character of some changes, such as Gupi, taciturn or apathy, some for multilingual impatience; some can be a brief loss of consciousness or mental decline and even lose their normal sense, these are associated with cerebral insufficiency disease.

Sensory disorders: Because cerebral insufficiency and affect the analysis of the brain areas, sensory and sensory nerve fibers, usually face hemp, hemp tongue, lips numb and limb numbness or foreign body sensation; others into view material is unclear, even sudden temporary blindness; many people have a sudden sense of vertigo; some spontaneous limb pain; there is the sudden appearance of tinnitus, hearing loss and so on.

Motor nerve functional failures: Since the charge of human cerebral insufficiency nerve motor function failure, common manifestations such as sudden crooked mouth, saliva flow, difficulty speaking, slurred speech, aphasia or language do not convey, dysphagia, limb weakness or activity is ineffective, holding objects falling, ataxia or sudden falls, and some limb spasms or beating.


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Article: Cerebral insufficiency What are the main symptoms?

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