About hair care in autumn and winter

Knowledge about hair care in autumn and winter:

1, Autumn and winter hair breakage split ends is a very common phenomenon, this time to do . Before wash your hair, comb your clutter hair . This can promote scalp circulation.

2, Do not use hot water wash the hair, the water temperature around 40 degrees Celsius most conducive to clean hair of dirt.

3, Solve the problem of dried up hair, you can choose protein-rich shampoo. The trick is to wash your hair on the scalp massage can accelerate the rate of sebum secretion, so that the roots parts of can also be get appropriate the moisturizing.

 4, To strengthen the hair’s moisturizing level in the hair, after wash cleaned, dry water with a towel, massage the scalp for 10 minutes, comb the hair with yuen fat dew. This  will be amplified moisturizing hair.

5, You want the hair can not afford to static electricity, it is best to use bristles made ​​of comb.

6, The best way to prevent dandruff there is often use prevent dandruff shampoo wash your hair, the timely removal of excess grease.
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Article: About hair care in autumn and winter

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