3 tips to protect the skin in summer

Clean the skin: the summer of sweat and sebum secretion, skin surface metabolites increased, caused by excessive perspiration and skin acidity decreased, weakened resistance to disease, most likely lead to a variety of skin infections, caused by folliculitis, furuncle swollen and so on. Together with the temperature too high, the skin can occur, such as prickly heat and summer dermatitis. Therefore, in the hot summer, to protect the skin the most important point is to keep the skin clean, regular bathing, to avoid excessive stimulation of the sweat and skin secretions.

Attention to the sun:too much ultraviolet sunlight on the skin have a lot of harm. Although UV can kill bacteria on the surface of the skin, but the ultra-violet rays. Can damage skin cells, causing the surface of the skin superficial vascular ectasia, hyperemia, or even cells, edema, exudation, resulting in skin disorders such as skin cancer. In the summer, the long-term ultraviolet radiation, so that the skin’s defensive function instinct, a large number of pigment granules concentrated in the epidermal basal cell layer, in order to resist ultraviolet radiation, which cause skin to become darker, the so-called “tanning of the . ” Therefore, in the summer people are more black skin looks, especially women, often face a number of pigment spots, freckles and chloasma are also becoming more obvious that the impact of the root of the big looks. Therefore, we must go out to the summer remember to protect your skin, sun hat to wear, bare painted sun exposed parts. Should avoid outdoor activities under the hot sun, or in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon sun again, and preferably not more than two hours.

Add water: As the summer temperature, skin moisture evaporate easily, in order to maintain the skin’s moisture, it is necessary to add enough water to drink. In the use of air-conditioned room, you have to use moisturizing skin care category, but also the water, it can effectively prevent skin aging due to lack of water and dry. After cleaning the skin can be painted in a number of moisture cream, or with cucumber, apple slice veneer. Can also be made of some fruit, honey and milk mask, use 1-2 times a week in order to maintain fair skin moisturizing.


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Article: 3 tips to protect the skin in summer

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