10 Dietary advice before bedtime make you have a good night sleep

If you could choose the right foods, they can help you get the best quality of sleep. See what foods will hinder your sleep, which can improve their quality of sleep.

What foods can improve the sleep?

1, Tryptophan-rich foods
We all know that a glass of warm milk can promote sleep, but you know the reason behind it? In fact, because dairy products contain tryptophan, which is a sleep-promoting substance that can help improve sleep quality. Other high tryptophan foods include nuts, bananas, honey and eggs.

2, Carbohydrate-rich foods
We all know that before going to bed do not eat carbohydrates, so people are likely to gain weight, but also easy to make too much stomach acid secretion in the long run will cause some digestive diseases. This argument hundred percent correct, but you may not know, at bedtime if eating a small amount of carbohydrates not only will not produce the negative effects, but can promote your sleep. With a small amount of carbohydrates in said first amino acid rich color into the body with food, it can promote carbohydrate foods tryptophan produced in the body, thereby enhancing the level of tryptophan in the blood. So the next time you can try to eat before going to bed a little to cereal or biscuits with milk.

3, Put down the burger and fries
After reading this article and you know a junk food on the body harm. Research shows that often eat high fat, high calorie foods will not only fat people, they happen insomnia and sleep disruption risk will increase.

4, Beware of caffeine
Caffeine affects the quality of sleep was well known, many people are very conscious of the day late in time to avoid a cup of coffee, which of course is very good, but you neglect the other foods do contain caffeine ? They commonly include chocolate, cola, tea. 4-6 hours before going to bed this time be sure to take a look at whether you are eating foods containing caffeine.

5, Beware of overeating and spicy foods
If you have not found overeat when you’re lying down your abdomen will be very uncomfortable. The reason is very simple, because your digestive system at this time because you are eating too much food and not work properly. This situation is particularly evident when people fall asleep. In the digestive system when you go to sleep during the day and only about half of people awake when the ability to work, if eaten too much before going to sleep, go to sleep stomach accumulate a lot of food to be addressed, this time barely half-sleep state to solve the digestive system them, and then the next day waiting for your inevitable that a large number of gastric discomfort associated with heartburn. Another scenario is worse bedtime intake spicy food, spicy food itself on the great irritation, if we spend the night in the stomach, it really is tantamount to a diluted sulfuric acid poured into your stomach , we can imagine that it hurts the body. Similarly, the correct approach is 4-6 hours before bedtime to avoid the bad habit of it.

6, Avoid liquid food
Many people advocate 8 glasses of water a day; Indeed, this eight glasses of water can increase your body’s fluid circulation, improve body metabolism. Especially for the beauty of women, plenty of water to keep the skin moist and smooth. But eight glasses of water a theory is not applicable 24 hours a day, oh, in the night be sure to avoid too much drinking and excessive intake of liquid food. First, too much water before going to bed the next morning the people will make you look very puffy, in particular, increased eye. Second, too much water before going to bed will make you a night in between the bathroom and bedroom exhausted.

7, Do not be bewitched nicotine
Many people smoke to relieve tension and relieve stress. This alone is a lot of people assume nicotine can help sleep, which is wrong. Nicotine is actually a stimulant. It has effects similar to caffeine, which is to help people improve arousal, such features can really help you in great working pressure relieve nervousness. But in the evening, nicotine will affect your sleep.

8, Beware little pill
Many people may not have noticed, a lot of you taking prescription or non-prescription drugs also contain caffeine, such as common painkillers, diet pills, diuretics and cold medicines. These drugs sometimes even richer than coffee containing caffeine. So next time if you have trouble sleeping when I remember to check the ingredient labels or medicines and doctors to talk about it.

9, Avoid alcohol before bedtime
Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but you might frequently sleep after awakening. Alcohol will make you both occur during sleep, night sweats, headache, nightmares and wake up the next day and other negative effects. If you really drunk before going to sleep at night, remember to drink a glass of water to balance body fluids, diluted alcohol. Of course, the best way is 4-6 hours before bedtime to avoid alcohol.

10, Appropriate snacks promote sleep
If you are in a fasting state before going to bed, then this may lead to your insomnia. Is not never noticed this is also one of the reasons leading to insomnia? The solution is simple, choose some low-calorie, easily digestible snack to comfort at your stomach it. But do not let your mouth unbridled eating and drinking. A small amount of food intake can help sleep, otherwise it will be like, as mentioned in Article II, have a negative impact on the body.


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Article: 10 Dietary advice before bedtime make you have a good night sleep

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